NaviServer - programmable web server

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admin-db NaviServer Database Administration Guide
admin-install NaviServer Installation Guide
admin-maintenance NaviServer Maintenance Guide
admin-tuning NaviServer Tuning and Scaling Guide
adp-overview NaviServer ADP Development
c-driverdb NaviServer Database Driver Development Guide
c-urlspace NaviServer urlspace Data Structure
main-faq NaviServer Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)
main-features NaviServer Features
main-history History of NaviServer
main-standards Engineering Standards Manual
tcl-lib-file Support for .tcl-style dynamic pages
tcl-lib-nstrace Managing Tcl interpreter initialization
tcl-libraries NaviServer Tcl Libraries
tcl-overview NaviServer Tcl Overview
commandlist NaviServer commands
keyl Keyed Lists
ns_absoluteurl Construct a completed URL from an incomplete URL based on a base URL
ns_addrbyhost Forward lookup a hostname to its IP address
ns_adp ADP introduction and operation
ns_adp_abort Stop processing of the current ADP and discard queued output
ns_adp_append Append data to the output buffer for the current connection
ns_adp_argc Return the number of arguments to the current ADP
ns_adp_argv Return the number of arguments to the current ADP
ns_adp_bind_args Bind ADP arguments to variables
ns_adp_break Stop processing of the current ADP
ns_adp_close Flushes the ADP output buffer and closes the HTTP connection
ns_adp_ctl ADP control command
ns_adp_debug Connect to the TclPro debugger if not already connected
ns_adp_dir Returns the current working directory for an ADP page
ns_adp_dump Return the contents of the current ADP output buffer
ns_adp_eval Evaluate an ADP block
ns_adp_exception Examine the current ADP exception state
ns_adp_flush Flushes the ADP output buffer without closing the HTTP connection
ns_adp_include Parse an ADP file and return its output
ns_adp_info Get inforamtion about currrently procesing ADP
ns_adp_mime Get or set the mime type for the current ADP page
ns_adp_mimetype Get or set the mime type for the current ADP page
ns_adp_parse Parse an ADP file or string and return its output
ns_adp_puts Append data to the output buffer for the current connection
ns_adp_register Creating custom ADP tags
ns_adp_return Stop processing of the current ADP and return up the call stack
ns_adp_safeeval Evaluate in safe Tcl interp
ns_adp_stats Return statistics about cached ADP pages
ns_adp_stream Begin streaming of ADP output
ns_adp_tell Get number of bytes in current ADP output buffer
ns_adp_trunc Truncate the ADP output buffer
ns_after Execute a command after a time delay
ns_atclose Queue a script to run after the current connection is closed
ns_atexit Queue a script to run when the server exits
ns_atshutdown Queue a script to run when the server is terminating
ns_atsignal Server callbacks
ns_base64decode Text-to-binary decoding using "base64" encoding
ns_base64encode Binary-to-text encoding using "base64" encoding
ns_browsermatch Match against the User-Agent header
ns_cache Cache manipulation
ns_cancel Cancel scheduled proc
ns_chan Share Tcl channels between threads and interpreters
ns_charsets Determine the charsets for which we have encodings
ns_checkurl Checks url for authorization
ns_choosecharset Return the name of the most appropriate charset for the request
ns_cond Operate on condition variables
ns_config Configuration parameters
ns_conn Find information about the current HTTP connection
ns_connchan Manage connection channels.
ns_conncptofp Write content to a file
ns_cookie HTTP cookies
ns_cookiecharset Set the urlencoding to the charset given in the named cookie if it exists
ns_cookietime Convert seconds to Netscape's cookie date format
ns_critsec Operate on critical section objects
ns_crypt Encrypt a string for use as a password
ns_driver Obtain Network Driver Information.
ns_encodingforcharset Return the name of the encoding for the specified charset
ns_encodingfortype Return the encoding implied by the given mime type string
ns_env Return, change or add a value of an environment variable
ns_event Manage events
ns_filestat Returns information about a file
ns_findset Find a set by its name from a list of sets
ns_fmttime Convert seconds to a human-readable format using templates
ns_formfieldcharset Set the urlencoding to the charset given in the named form field if it exists
ns_ftruncate truncate an open Tcl channel to a specified length
ns_getform Return an ns_set that contains all of the query data that was part of the HTTP request
ns_getformfile Return a tempfile for a form file field
ns_geturl Fetch a URL
ns_gifsize Determine the width and height of a GIF87 or GIF89 image
ns_gmtime Return current time in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
ns_guesstype Lookup MIME type based on file extension
ns_hashpath Break path into subdirectories
ns_hmac Returns a hex-encoded string containing a keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC)
ns_hostbyaddr Reverse lookup an IP address to its hostname
ns_hotp Returns a decimal-coded one-time password (HOTP)
ns_hrefs Returns URLs from anchor elements in a chunk of HTML
ns_htmlselect Build an HTML SELECT form widget from the specified data
ns_http Simple HTTP client functionality
ns_httpget Open an HTTP connection and fetch a page
ns_httpopen Fetch a web page
ns_httppost Open an HTTP connection and posts data to the server
ns_httptime Convert seconds to HTTP date format
ns_ictl Manipulate and introspect Tcl interpreter internals
ns_imgmime Return the MIME type of an image
ns_imgsize Determine the width and height of a JPEG, GIF or PNG image
ns_imgtype Return the type of an image
ns_info Return information about various aspects of the running NaviServer
ns_internalredirect Re-authorize and restart url processing
ns_issmallint Test to see if a number is a 'smallint'
ns_job Implement job queues and thread pools for evaluating Tcl scripts
ns_jpegsize Determine the width and height of a JPEG image
ns_kill Send a process a signal
ns_library Get the paths to the private and shared Tcl libraries
ns_localtime Return current time in local timezone
ns_locationproc Register custom location handler
ns_log Global server error log
ns_md Returns a hex-encoded string containing a message digest (MD)
ns_md5 Returns a 32-character, hex-encoded string containing the MD5 hash of the first argument
ns_memoize Evaluate a Tcl script and cache the result
ns_mktemp Make a unique temporary file name
ns_moduleload Load binary module and initialize it
ns_modulepath Get the paths to a server's modules
ns_mutex Operate on mutexes
ns_normalizepath Normalize a path
ns_pagepath Return path to current virtual server pages
ns_paren Surround string with parentheses
ns_parseargs Parse list of arguments
ns_parseheader Parse HTTP header
ns_parsehttptime Convert a HTTP date format string into seconds
ns_parsequery Parse a URL query string into an ns_set
ns_parsetime Return an element from the time structure list
ns_parseurl Parse a URL into its components
ns_pause Pause a scheduled script from running
ns_pngsize Determine the width and height of a PNG image
ns_purgefiles Purge files by date, keeping max files
ns_queryexists Check for a key in the query data that was part of the HTTP request
ns_queryget Get a value from the query data that was part of the HTTP request
ns_querygetall Get multiple query values from the HTTP request
ns_quotehtml Escape HTML characters so they appear as-is in HTML pages
ns_rand Generate a random number
ns_register Register Tcl/ADP handlers
ns_requestauthorize Perform authorization check
ns_resume Resume a previously paused scheduled script
ns_return Return a complete HTTP response
ns_rlimit Get or set resource limit in the operating system
ns_rollfile Roll an arbitrary file
ns_runonce Run Tcl script only once
ns_rwlock Create, destroy, and manipulate read/write locks
ns_schedule Scheduling Tcl scripts
ns_schedule_daily Schedule a script to run daily at a certain time
ns_schedule_proc Schedule a script to run after a certain number of seconds
ns_schedule_weekly Schedule a script to run on a certain day of the week at a certain time
ns_sema Operate on semaphore-like objects
ns_sendmail Sending mail via SMTP
ns_server Get state of the server's connection pools and queues
ns_serverpath Returns absolute path to current virtual server home
ns_serverrootproc Callback for determining server root
ns_set Manipulate sets of key-value pairs
ns_setexpires Set the current connections Expires header field to the current time plus seconds seconds
ns_setformencoding Set the form encoding of the current connection
ns_setuser Set the current procces privileges
ns_sha1 Returns a 40-character, hex-encoded string containing the SHA1 hash of the first argument
ns_shortcut_filter Stop processing url filters
ns_shutdown Shut down NaviServer
ns_sleep Sleep for a specified number of seconds
ns_sls Socket local storage for connections
ns_sockaccept Accept a new socket connection
ns_sockblocking Set socket blocking
ns_sockcallback Register a socket callback script
ns_sockcheck Check if a socket is connected
ns_socketpair Create a pair of connected sockets
ns_socklisten Create a new socket listening for connections
ns_socklistencallback Run script on connection
ns_socknonblocking Set socket nonblocking
ns_socknread Return bytes to be read
ns_sockopen Connect to a remote host on the specified port
ns_sockselect Determine readable file id's
ns_striphtml Remove HTML tags from a string
ns_symlink Create a symbolic link
ns_tagelement Find the value of an attribute in an HTML element.
ns_tagelementset Set the value of the value attribute in an HTML element
ns_thread Operate on threads
ns_time Perform various time-related functions
ns_tmpnam Generate a temporary file name
ns_totp Returns a decimal-coded time-based one-time password (TOTP)
ns_truncate Truncate file in size
ns_upload_stats Return realtime statistic about being uploaded file
ns_url2file Return the path to a file referenced by a URL
ns_urlcharset Set the current connections url charset
ns_urldecode URL decoding
ns_urlencode Encode a string to its URL-encoded representation
ns_urlspace Assign Application Data to URLs.
ns_uudecode Binary-to-text decoding using "htuu" encoding
ns_uuencode Binary-to-text encoding using "htuu" encoding
ns_write Return data to client
ns_writecontent Write content to a file
ns_writer Manage files with writer thread
nsv NaviServer nsv Commands
returnstatus-cmds Return a complete HTTP status message
nscgi NaviServer CGI Interface Guide
nscp NaviServer Control Port Guide
ns_buildsqldate SQL date and time manipulation commands
ns_db Database access API
ns_dbquotevalue Quote database names and values
ns_accesslog Query and control access log parameters
ns_perm Add users, groups, and permissions
nsperm NaviServer Permissions and Access Control Guide
ns_proxy Execute Tcl scripts in an external process
nssock Configuring HTTP socket communications
nsssl Configuring https socket communications